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Unity, IPFS and Ethereum


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IPFS-FPS Overview


Leon Do


Leon prefers bad jokes IRL but can URL.

Randy Daniel


A product designer with more than 15 years of experience in print, visual design & web development.


While working at a cryptocurrency startup, IPFS-FPS founder Leon Do was invited to join a hackathon called HackFS. The hackathon was to build a faster, safer and more open application. Having spent too many hours coding business applications, Leon wanted to learn something new and create something fun.

The idea? Build a first person shooter on IPFS.

The problem? He never made a game.

Luckily, he recruited a little help from his friends. In less than four weeks, Randy Daniel designed the website you're visiting, Markhan Le enginnered the challenging gameplay while Leon bridged the backend. All three were working full-time jobs.

After a successful hackathon, the team decided to keep leveling up.

Level 0: HackFS Submission

Level 1: Testing Ethereum Leaderboard

Level 2: Integrating Metamask Gun & Wallet

Level 3: Techstack Level

The game is evolving and the story is still unfolding.